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Do you feel that, no matter how much you practice, you haven't made any significant progress in years?

Do you think that mental strategies might do the trick?

Reach your goals and impress your friends with…



The Golf Enhancement Techniques © (GET ©)

There is no mystery. We all have it in us to excel. Any good golfer will tell you that the game is 10% physical and 90% mental.

The Golf Enhancement Techniques (GET ©) system works on that 90% of the game that relies on your mental powers.

We teach you how to tap into your five senses to reach the ZONE .

The ZONE is that place where you have mastered a task so well that it becomes automatic. You see professional golfers and athletes in the ZONE almost every time you watch sports.

With the GET© system, you will learn to:

  • access the ZONE, your zone of excellence and stay there voluntarily
  • have confidence in what you have already learned
  • enjoy your game of golf even more
  • relax and focus on the results you want
  • build empowering beliefs in yourself

The one day workshop :

  • 3 1/2 hours of training
  • Lunch
  • Participants play a 9 hole round together
  • The session resumes for a one hour debriefing and feed-back period

Note : Your investment includes the workshop, lunch, a 9 hole round of golf, a booklet on the techniques learned and a bonus gift certificate for an extra 18 holes you can play anytime.

For groups of 8 or more we can deliver a private training session.