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Personal change
Learn strategies that free you from old habits, fears, limiting beliefs, and create a structure for new and empowering thinking.

Many applications of NLP are useful to those who strive to develop habits that promote health.

Personal Wellness

Participants learn the tools of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) that help enhance one's personal wellness.

They will learn:

  • to eliminate fear and anxiety
  • to tame stress
  • to collapse negative emotions
  • to create solid positive thoughts anytime using mental strategies
  • to become aware of the power of certain words on the unconscious mind
  • to use spacial anchoring to create confortable and relaxing zones
  • to use the Circle of excellence to reach a state of well- being anytime

Positive Thinking

We are often told to think positively.

However we are not told how to do this.

The tools in NLP teach us how things work. How to change our ways of perceiving our memories to eliminate negative emotions and reactivate positive ones. Often we program our behavior at the level of our spoken language; using language in a positive way we can improve our self esteem, motivation, ability to attain our objectives and dreams.

Eliminating Phobias, Fears and Anxieties

Certain techniques taught in NLP allow us to eliminate our fears such as phobias and certain forms of anxiety which are a direct result of the way we perceive our world and the way we remember past experiences. Often these phobias exist at the subconcious level and cannot be reasoned. This session allows us to clean out these limitations and access our personal resources more easily.

Anchoring for Well-being

We are preconditioned by a multitude of internal and external anchors. These anchors can be visual, auditory, kinesthetic, olfactory or gustatory. When activated they produce either positive or negative feelings which in turn influence our beliefs, motivation and well-being. You will learn how to collapse or neutralize the negatives and enforce the positives using simple NLP tools. You will learn how to use the powerful Circle of Excellence. All are effective team-building tools.

Working with your Timeline – Creating and Developing a Vision,
a Purpose and a Mission

At the subconscious level, people organize their thinking on a timeline. The capacity to understand how this works is very important in order to create one's future. The idea behind this workshop is to learn how to use one's past to understand the present and prepare the future. It is also an excellent tool in therapy : useful to erase negative emotions that often accompany past memories.. Using the timeline, one can learn self-leadership by creating a compelling future with a vision, a purpose and a mission.