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More and more people will buy from a salesperson they like, with whom they feel completely at ease.

Some people see the world differently than we do. They live in another world. The challenge is to learn tools that help bridge the gap that make people different and hard to reach.

NLP teaches those skills. They are tools extremely useful in building rapport with a variety of clients.

"Effective communication is not what you want to say,
it's what the other understands.
To communicate is to enter the other person's world."

Workshop : Make Yourself Understood

Often we have to deal with people who see the world differently than we do. Communication is difficult. Misunderstanding often creates problems in organisations. One often hears : "It's not what I meant..." or "It's not what I said...". People don't always hear or understand what we think we said. This occurs mainly because we don't think the same way. We have different maps of the world. These maps match those of certain people and differ from others. That's why we are comfortable with certain persons and ill at ease with others. These embarrassing moments often stem from the unconscious. They are reactions to another's posture, mannerism, voice, tonalities and even to the use of certain words. To communicate is to be like the other using the technique of synchronization.

Some studies have shown that communication is 93% non-verbal. There are specific skills that help improve and enhance communication and rapport building.

Participants will be able to :

  • Identify one's own and the other's style of communication.
  • Be more objective and flexible.
  • Figure out how others think.
  • Build rapport and trust at a deeper level.
  • Utilize certain words that help clarify their speech.

You will be able to create and maintain rapport at a deeper level very quickly with clients, freinds and family and build trust.

You will also learn to choose words and expressions that help clear up your thinking.